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I see many people online who give the impression of low intelligence when it's really a problem of education, and I want to help. Those to whom English is a second language can find it especially difficult, because for every rule there are dozens of exceptions. English borrows words from every language around the world and even from books. It is constantly evolving.

Let your brilliance shine.

I am an optical engineer who ended up proofreading the other engineer's papers and reports. Now I'd like to extend to you the same opportunity. Let your brilliance shine, unimpeded by glaring spelling errors and grammatical goofs. I understand technical language, which most proofreaders don't, so I can suggest a different way of saying something to get your point across. I am a native American English speaker, so I understand the nuances of the language, which is quite confusing to some. I can help you get your point across in a concise and direct way which will impress your readers.